Planned work and support of entrepreneurship
Focus on your own expertise -
Start a smoother working life with an assistant

We are Moredo - Partners of smooth working


Well planned is half done. Unplanned business is not worthwhile. We help create a workable order-delivery process, calculate profitability, and create a workable visual look for your business.


There are many bends and hills to climb as a business and an entrepreneur. As peers, we support your journey, encourage you, and look for workable solutions for a smoother working life.


You may need help with just one little thing. We will help. The logo changes to a transparent background, the web pages are proofread. We search for information and conduct customer surveys.


We are happy to be involved as strategic partners of your company and developing your business. We are here to help the implementation of new systems, social media and communication strategies.

Do you often feel like this?
Anxiety, anger and stress levels increase. Much of the day is spent on non-productive work? The enterprising spirit can sometimes feel like this. The phone rings, the computer tricks, and even those papers should be handled.
Have you ever thought that things could be done differently?
By cooperating and delegating.
Help is just one phone call away
Tell us your concerns and let us hurry to help. We share with you the joys and sorrows of entrepreneurship as peers and support your business ventures.
Together we are more
We figure out, design and solve the small and big bends of everyday life. With a smile. We know what entrepreneurship is and we want to free your time for productive work.
You are important!
Our goal is a relaxed, smiling customer. You get more done, you can focus on where your business comes from and you will have time to spare and spend with your loved ones.
Do you remember why did you become an entrepreneur?


Working must be profitable not only financially but also mentally. At Moredo we want to lighten your burden and bring you strength through peer support and meaningful collaboration.

We help you focus on the essential, core skills that your business has started with. You shall have our expertise and experience in use. Our assistant will provide you with those much-needed extra hours a day.

I am Hilma, the founder of Moredo. Your equal.

I warmly welcome you to Moredo!

With the help of a powerful team of assistants, Moredo helps you. Hilma focuses on social media and marketing as well as order-delivery processes. Tiina masters Excel’s complicated formulas and image processing. We are united not only by the breed of dog selection but also in career background as we both have ten-year career in the printing industry and we are both true professionals in customer service and training.

Our attitude is always in line with our slogan “LESS STRESS – MORE DO“, smile is sensitive and work is started with a good drive. It’s our trademark.

We supplement our expertise through our networks as needed.

Hilma Larkela

Hilma is the driving force behind Moredo, a power pack radiating joy around her. Training: Business Advisor, BBA in SME management and marketing, Dressmaker, Hygiene passport.
Languages: FIN, ENG, SWE, also beginner RU, LT

Project Management, Scheduling and Production Planning, ISO 9001: 2008 Internal Audits, Social Media, Communications & Digital Media, Problem solving, Visual Design, Sparing and inspiring.

Tiina Virtanen

Tiina is Moredo's analytical excel nickel and iron customer servicer. Training: BBA in Computer Science
Languages: FIN, SWE, ENG

Adobe CC-family, Print Layout design and production, Excel, Coding (python, c#/c++, Html/css, vba), Productization, Social Media, Website design, production and update, Problem Solving, IT Training & Tutoring.

Moredo Partners

Moredo was founded on May 1st, 2017. The idea behind the business is not only Hilma’s versatile know-how, but also the needs of related entrepreneurs. The service is therefore tailored directly to customer needs.

Our clients include small specialist companies and a number of small and medium-sized industrial companies, where we serve management and middle management.

Our most common assignments are billing, social media and website updates, trade show organization. We research and support in implementing new systems and ways of working.

We are part of Ju-Ha Consulting Oy.

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The assistant’s hourly rate is always increased by 24% VAT, but you save on paying employer expenses, insurance and pensions.

The balance will keep your costs predictable. And nothing prevents you from asking for a contract price.

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